Song for the Dead and the Living (Song for No Future)

from by Dry Days

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This song was written after Leelah Alcorn's death, and was an attempt to find, in the heart of despair at the incredible violence faced by so many male-assigned trans people, some kind of liberatory impulse. At the time this came in the form of queer insurrectionary nihilism (a la Baedan vol. 1 and the essay "Dysphoria Means Total Destroy"), an ideology which does a powerful job of turning nihilism against itself but, in writing off any concept of strategy or futurity, becomes totally inadequate to the question of practice.

Also, "queer and trans resilience" is a neoliberal joke, an attempt to enforce the self-reproduction of populations made surplus by the laws of capitalist production.

This song's for the dead, and for the living
For the ones who haven't finished dying and the ones who have
This song's for the girls, and for the not-quite-girls I know
Taller than we ever thought we'd be

This song's for the ones up at night crying
And this song's for the one's who try to spend all our days asleep
This song's for the girls, this song's for lying to you parents about everything
This song's for the promises we make but never keep

And so we throw ourselves into walls, we sleep on busses
Walk into bathroom stalls and oncoming traffic
A knife to the chest, a skirt lit on fire
300 pounds of Neo Nazi into outstretched sewing scissors

Is this what resiliance looks like, burning up and falling apart of reentry
What else is there to do, we shine so brightly

This song's for the dead, and for the living
For all of the elders and for the one's who will never get there
This song's for the motherfuckin' trans girls fuckin' eating each other to survive
This song's for all the songs we'll sing the day after you die

So if we gotta go out, then we're taking them all with us
So if we gotta run off the cliff then we're burning all of the bridges
So when we set ourselves on fire we'll be lighting a fuse
Burn this whole world down 'cause we got nothing left to lose

And so we'll burn, like the witches we come from
Burn like the faggots we are
We'll burn like the pinecones split open
Burn, like we remember we come from stars


from Dry Days, released September 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Dry Days Oakland, California

commie folk faggot shit. not watching the world burn, but being the burning world.

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